One of the best things about being a travel nurse is the chance to travel. You can see the United States 13 weeks at a time and get paid to do it. However, not all states are created equal. Some states offer higher pay, warmer weather, or more national parks. Finding the state that’s right for you could depend on a number of factors. There’s no one size fits all.

That being said, some states are much more popular than others. After analyzing the search traffic for different state-related search queries, we’ve compiled a list of the most searched for states for travel nurse jobs.

1. Hawaii

Hawaii-best-state-travel-rn-galleryAvg. Monthly Search Traffic: 390

Why find travel nurse jobs in Hawaii?

For anyone that’s ever been to the beach, it’s pretty obvious why Hawaii is the most sought after state for travel nurses. Escaping to paradise for a 13-week rotation sounds like a pretty sweet gig. However, it’s important to note that Hawaii is not one of a compact state, so you will need to get a separate certification to work there.

2. Florida

Avg. Monthly Search Traffic: 362

Why find travel nurse jobs in Florida?

With beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife, and world-famous amusement parks, Florida is a fun state to be a travel nurse. In addition to incredible attractions, Florida also has more available jobs than 94% of the United States due in part to the large percentage of retirees living in the Sunshine State. Did you know that Florida ranks 3rd in the U.S. for total number of hospitals with 219.

3. Alabama

Avg. Monthly Search Traffic: 140

Why find travel nurse jobs in Alabama?

It might surprise you to know, there is a lot of demand for travel nurse assignments in Alabama. Due to the relative shortage of travel nurses, many companies are offering top dollar to travel nurses exciting about visiting Alabama. Maybe not at the top of your bucket list, Alabama is home to several beautiful beaches as well as a number of lesser-known tourist attractions. At least you won’t be fighting the crowds at the beach.

4. Texas

Avg. Monthly Search Traffic: 140

Why find travel nurse jobs in Texas?

Things really are bigger in Texas. Boasting 378 total hospitals, Texas has more hospitals than any other state in the U.S. Not only does Texas have more hospitals it also doesn’t charge any state income tax. The combination of potential jobs and favorable taxes make Texas a much sought after travel nurse destination.

5. North Carolina

Avg. Monthly Search Traffic: 120

Why find travel nurse jobs in North Carolina?

Like it or not, travel nurses love the beach. You might have noticed that the top 4 most sought after states for travel nursing all lined up along a coast, and number 5 is no exception. North Carolina has some of the most beautiful and most visited beaches on the Atlantic coast. Paired with a relatively inexpensive cost of living, North Carolina is the perfect place for your next assignment or your next home.

6. Alaska

Avg. Monthly Search Traffic: 90

Why find travel nurse jobs in Alaska?

There’s no question Alaska is a sought after tourist destination, but it’s also popular amongst travel nurses. At nearly 3x the size of Texas, Alaska is still largely undiscovered, untouched wilderness. While Alaska is the perfect destination for a fun getaway, it might be a little harder to plan your next travel nurse assignment. Alaska is home to only 11 hospitals, making it incredibly competitive to for travel nurses.

7. Tennessee

Avg. Monthly Search Traffic: 70

Why find travel nurse jobs in Tennessee?

Home to country music and some of the nicest people in the world, Tennessee is a beautiful place for any type of work. Travel nurses love Tennessee for the low cost-of-living, surplus of staffed beds (nearly 20,000) and of course the Great Smoky Mountains.

8. Colorado

Avg. Monthly Search Traffic: 50

Why find travel nurse jobs in Colorado?

Colorado is an outdoor lover’s paradise. With 4 nationals parks, 1 national forest, and some of the best rock climbing in the U.S. you can see why they call it Colorful Colorado. Travel nurses who love the outdoors love to call Colorado home. Not only is it a paradise in the summer, for some, Colorado winters are when the state truly shines. Home to some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world Colorado boasts some pretty impressive slopes.

9. California

Avg. Monthly Search Traffic: 50

Why find travel nurse jobs in California?

California has always been a hotspot for tourism in the United States. The list of attractions is too long to list here, but a few of the highlights include, Hollywood, San Francisco, the Pacific Coast Highway, Venice Beach, L.A. fashion district, Disneyland and much more. In addition to non-stop adventures, travel nurses love California for the incredibly high compensation.

10. Ohio

Avg. Monthly Search Traffic: 40

Why find travel nurse jobs in Ohio?

They say Ohio is for lovers, but it’s also for travel nurses. Ohio is home to almost 180 hospitals, ranking 6th overall in the nation. In the heart of the midwest, Ohio is known for it’s friendly, hard-working demographic as well as a number of charming small towns. Travel nurses love Ohio for its long list of job openings, in addition to the variety of medium to large cities including Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Akron, Dayton, Toledo, and more.