Staying active on the road can certainly be difficult but it is possible. Long road trips may involve a great deal of time and energy and make it difficult for almost anyone to take out some time for travel fitness, especially if you are traveling with small kids. The thought of travel can itself be nerve-racking for those who value their fitness. But proper planning and preparation can definitely save your health. Here are 13 ways to stay active on the road.

1. Stop Frequently

Driving for too long can be extremely boring and hard on your body. Since you are sitting in one position, you might get pains and strains. Getting down more often to take a break will help you and others traveling with you to stretch their legs and get some fresh air. Go for 5 mins walk around your vehicle to explore a new place as well as release any tension in your back and shoulder muscles.

2. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Eating a healthy breakfast can help you stay active on the road. Skipping it altogether can disturb your system and reduce your energy levels. Experts suggest eating a heavy breakfast in the morning followed by meals at every three hours. This will improve your satiety and keep you energetic throughout the day. Make healthy food choices to avoid drowsiness. Since you are being sedentary while on the wheels, make sure you eat light meals that are easy to digest.

3. Shop Around

Walk in the stores that fall on your way, even if you have nothing to buy. It will help you relax your legs that may get tired with hours of driving or sitting. You can also buy regional items while traveling to new places and enjoy such small shopping trips. Also, walk around to fill your water bottles before you get back into your car.

4. 15-Minute Exercises

A 15 minutes exercising schedule is great for staying active. You don’t need to go to your gym to workout. Try simple and easy exercises to boost your energy levels and reduce any boredom. Try running, jogging, squats, lunges, and push-ups in your car to workout in the morning and whenever you feel the need. Download apps that help you exercise when traveling.

5. Do Yoga

Yoga is a great way to relax and rejuvenate after a tiring day. Some yoga poses not only relaxes the stiff muscles caused due to long hours of sitting but also strengthens your body to perform better each time. When done on a regular basis, it may help you attain optimal heath and fitness. Always keep a yoga mat with yourself and find a suitable place to perform your favorite asanas. You can do it almost anywhere, under a tree, in front of your car or in the hotel room.

6. Pack Your Exercise Essentials

If you are a fitness freak and can’t run without your running shoes, take them with you. Also, pack some comfortable clothes to wear so that you can move out every morning for your dose of jogging or running. Carry a resistance band to do a variety of exercises whenever you feel like. It will improve your flexibility and help you stay active throughout the day.

7. Pack Some Healthy Snacks

Whether you are driving or just giving a company to your partner, eating healthy is important. Snacks help in improving your energy levels and reduce craving. Avoid carrying processed food as they are high in carbohydrates that cause fluctuation in your blood sugar. This may make you feel drowsy and uncomfortable. Instead, make healthy choices by packing low-fat food varieties like yogurt, fresh fruits, and string cheese. Unsalted nuts could be a great choice for travel snacks. You may also pack homemade snacks that last longer and are a healthier alternative.

8. Drink plenty of water

Staying hydrated at all times is extremely important, especially if you are driving through a hot and humid weather condition. Sipping water may help you to prevent dehydration and keep your system working well. You will feel more active and less tired just by drinking lots of fluids. If you don’t like the taste of water try adding lemon juice to it. Avoid sugary beverages and carbonated water altogether.

9. Chart Your Schedule

If you are planning to be on the road for days, consider logging your progress report. Write down how much physical activity you performed each day, what healthy food you ate or were not able to get something healthy and its effect on your mood. Also, note down your energy level for each day. It will help you the understand which routine suits you best and may help you to stay active further in your trip. Try to stick to it and embrace the joy of being healthy even when you have limited resources.

10. Wear Comfortable Clothes

Tight fitting clothes can be annoying for long day trips. Although you can carry them for evenings or dine outs, it is good to wear loose fitting comfortable clothes when you are on the road. In this way, you will feel more relaxed and stretch out whenever you want. It will also keep you cool in humid conditions and reduce skin irritations.

11. Add Some Travel Time

Usually, people run short on time when they are traveling and try to cut down on activities that keep you active and healthy. This can be devastating for your health. You can always extend your travel to a day or two to accommodate the time to exercise and prepare yourself for staying active. Don’t cut down time to plan your meals. If you do not get time to prepare and arrange healthy meals you are likely to eat whatever is easily available that may not be so healthy.

12. Create A Playlist

It can be fun to travel with your family and sing along but a foot tapping playlist may certainly boost your energy levels when everyone else gets tired. Keep adding new songs to your playlist and carry it along with you to stay fresh and active.

13. Get Plenty Of Rest

Rest is as important as anything else when you are traveling on the road. Taking a sound sleep at night may help you stay active throughout the day. If you find difficulty sleeping try relaxation techniques or just take a warm bath 15 minutes before you go to bed. If you feel drowsy while driving, change with an alternate driver or just take a break to relax.