Benefits of volunteer nursing

There are a ton of great organizations that support nurse volunteer efforts. Nurses Without Borders is just one of several volunteer organizations that you can sign up for. The nurses provide basic medical care and empower local nurses in developing countries to learn the necessary skills to combat many diseases. These are some of the benefits a volunteer nurse gain.

1. Skills development – nurses meet with situations which are unique and challenging medical cases. Overcoming these grows their skill levels.

2. New challenges – the working conditions in other developing countries are different and challenging. Some countries lack basic infrastructure like electricity and even worse there are rare medical cases found only in developing countries.

Organizations providing Volunteer Nurse services

Nurses Without Borders

Nurses without borders is an offshoot of Doctors Without Borders, or Médecins Sans Frontières MSF as it’s known throughout the world. MSF has attracted a big interest worldwide due to the problems encountered by other countries as well as developing countries. The success of this organization in helping at-risk countries and people has helped it grow to become one of the largest and most successful organizations of it’s kind.

Nurse volunteers are in high demand and the need for their services can’t be overemphasized enough. The need for these nurses in developing countries is even greater due to lack of expertise and lack of enough medical personnel. Nurses Without Borders work with senior medical staff who act as your supervisors. This ensures that you get all the necessary help they can offer.

Global Nurse Initiative

Founded in 2009, Global Nurse Initiative (GNI) is a non-profit organization aimed at giving back to the global communities. It’s a group of nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medical doctors and ancillary health-care professionals. Originally consisting of only nurses, this organization mainly focuses on nurse volunteer services.

Their areas of work include: helping established health clinics and public education projects worldwide. They also go to local schools to do health screenings.

Global Health Service Partnership

The Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP) deals with issues concerning global shortages in health care. They send nurses and physicians to affected areas and work with local institutions. The aim is based on capacity building and improving medical education. Currently, the program for nurses is being implemented in Liberia, Malawi, Swaziland.

The GHSP only accepts nursing volunteers to work for a year and is open to U.S. citizens holding active physician or nursing license. The volunteer nurses should be prepared to work in countries which have challenging working conditions (i.e. limited access to electricity, running water, and Sephora). All the necessary help is provided to ensure that the nurses are comfortable in their working areas.

Red Cross Volunteer Opportunities

Red Cross provides urgent assistance to people who are victims of natural disasters across the world. They also vaccinate children against measles and much more. It has a number of programs which include: student nurses who provide medical care services, Red Cross nurses who respond to disasters, providing health services, first aid as well as volunteering in medical clinics and hospitals.

Red Cross staff consists of 90%  volunteer nurses working across the globe. Those who would like to work with Red Cross are encouraged especially the nursing staff. Most developing countries are in need of the specialized medical care services. provides volunteer nursing both locally and abroad. Get the opportunity with them before going into a regular medical facility. Practicing nurses also can volunteer and their services are highly required. Nurses work in the following areas: Dermatology – volunteer nurses help educate local personnel on what is needed to eradicate skin conditions, Safe Anesthesia – lack of enough trained anesthesiologists demands that the nurses assist in distributing teaching materials and educating students on how to administer anesthesia, Surgical Care – providing assistance to health-care staff

Foundation for International Medical Relief for Children (FIMRC)

This is a non-profit organization founded in 2002 focused on providing and improving the health of families in developing countries. Based in Philadelphia, PA, FIMRC implements self-sustainable health improvement programs through its network of outpatient clinics and partnerships. They work with local clinics, community outreach, and health education programs. The volunteer program has over 900 individuals recruited annually and works in developing countries.

International Medical Corps

It was established in 1984 with the aim of providing emergency relief. The services are based on giving fast and efficient relief within hours to those affected by the disasters of any nature. They also support referral health facilities by working with the regional and national governments. These are some of the services they provide: emergency response and preparedness, health services support, family and community health, women and children’s health as well as mental health.