Travel nursing is a massive industry with tons of opportunity everywhere. One of the major opportunities is connecting and networking with like-minded RN’s like yourself. One of the easiest ways to do this is attending important travel nursing conferences that these people will also be at.

I know what you are thinking, “how do I know what conferences these people are going to?” The answer to this question can be hard to determine especially since there are hundreds and hundreds of conferences that you can choose to attend. Well, have no fear. We are going to look at all of the important conferences that need to be on your calendar.

There are many pros and cons to all of these conferences and we will discuss several of these points that will help you decide what will be advantageous for you and will not be. Feel free to leave feedback on all of these. So without further ado here we go…


The first, and probably most important conference that travel nurses need to know is the Travel Nurse Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Now I know what you are thinking, obviously this is an important conference, but let’s look at exactly what is being outlined.

Pros: There are a ton of travel nurses who attend. This is incredibly helpful anyone who is interested in travel nursing. This conference will give you the opportunity to meet many RN’s who have experience in the travel nurse industry and might be able to show you a perspective you may have never thought of before, as well as, share some experiences that might help. Another major pro is that there are a lot of staffing agencies there and it allows RN’s to interact with companies and get a great feel for what each company is about. Sometimes it can be hard to talk to someone on the phone and get an accurate feel for what their motives are. TravCon allows RN’s to interact with tons of companies and get a great idea of who they might want to work with in the future. One other major pro is that it has a lot of informational workshops. These allow RN’s to educate themselves on the industry from an unbias perspective. Remember, knowledge is power.
Cons: Lots and lots of staffing agencies. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but they are always going to be putting their best foot forward. Giveaways, expensive dinners, and many other things will be presented during TravCon to try and attract interest. Remember, if a staffing agency has a huge display and gives away tons of free stuff they probably are doing that, mostly, to attract business. Make sure you are asking key questions about pay, location, housing, etc.


I would say this conference is a close second to the traveler’s conference. It allows RN’s to connect with other RN’s, but also allows RN’s to connect to nurse managers and unit managers. One major difference about this conference is that it applies mostly to ICU and Critical Care Nurses. If you work in an ICU unit (any kind) or in critical care this should definitely be a conference you attend.

Pros: This conference allows RN’s to educate themselves about issues that affect ICU and Critical Care RN’s. There are tons of educational seminars and workshops that allow RN’s to educate themselves on the issues that affect ICU and CCU RN’s every day. This conference will also allow RN’s to see a lot of examples of what to do and what not to do in many situations.
Cons: If you are not an ICU or CCU RN this conference is not for you. It’s not personal, but these classes and information are geared specifically towards a specific group. Connecting with ICU and CCU directors can be easy, but if you have different specialty beware…this conference is very specifically geared.

AONE Conference

This might be the best conference to attend. It’s a ton of Nurse Managers and a ton of Unit Managers. If you are looking for a nursing job this is the spot to attend. Anybody who is everybody will be at this conference. If you are unsatisfied with your job definitely check out this conference

Pros: Tons of Nurse Managers and Unit Managers everywhere. If you want a job this is the place to be. Anybody who is anybody will be at this conference. AKA all of the decision makers at any one hospital. This can be an easy way into any hospital if you make the right connections. Personal connections could be very key at this conference.
Cons: This is not a travel nursing conference. Let me be clear, there is a lot of nursing that goes on here, but most of the AONE Leaders do not want to talk about nursing. These leaders are here to discuss issues and connect with other nurse leaders. If you are a travel nurse be sure to get all of the relevant information and steer clear of the angry nurse managers.